Intruder is proudly working with dozens of partners across the world. Our cloud-based vulnerability scanner helps service providers continuously deliver value to their customers, and keep systems secure from data breaches.

How to enrol

We designed Intruder to be simple whilst still packing a punch, and that’s why joining as a service provider is straightforward. There’s no need for separate discussions - since pricing is the same as it would be for any other user we recommend exploring our website; choosing a suitable plan and registering straight away.

Separating customers

As a service provider, you’ll most likely want to separate your customers. To do this, we recommend using our tag feature within the portal. This means you’ll be able to export Intruder’s vulnerability reports and send them to your customers, individually.

Note: we can enable white-labelling for customers who sign up for annual plans, simply use the live chat to request the feature is enabled on your account.


Intruder helps partners to introduce new revenue opportunities, augment existing services, and increase customer retention.

We don't currently offer discounted pricing for MSPs. To view our pricing, visit the pricing page.

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