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Tagging your targets

Use the tag function to filter, organise and group targets

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Want to easily identify all your 'staging' assets? Restrict user visibility to a region? Or download a report for the targets you're responsible for?

Either way, it's all possible with tagging - and it couldn't be easier – three simple steps, it's all done!

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Manually assign tags

...when adding new targets

  1. Head to the targets page and select the target(s) you want to tag using the checkbox

  2. Hit 'Tag' at the top.

  3. Assign a tag

    1. To assign an existing tag, pick a tag from the dropdown and press enter

    2. To assign a new tag to your selected target(s), simply type a tag name and hit enter.

4. Finally, press 'Add Target', et voila! ✨ existing targets

From the Targets page:

  1. Head to your Targets page, select the targets and hit the Tag button

2. You can either add an existing tag, or create a new one. Once you've made your choice, just hit 'Save'.

From the target's detail page

  1. Click the Add tag button

2. As above, you can either add an existing tag, or create a new one. Once you've made your choice, just hit 'Save'.

Automatically import cloud tags

You also have the option to sync your cloud tags once the targets have been imported. To do this:

  1. Go to your Targets page > click the cloud account > Settings

  2. The Settings pane will appear on the right-hand side with the option to turn on 'Import AWS Tags'. This will copy across any tags assigned on the cloud provider's end and replicate this into Intruder.

  3. There is also the option to assign a tag to all targets imported via CloudBot. You can do this by turning on 'Assign Tags' and selecting a desired tag.

These tags will then be shown against each of your Cloud targets as shown below:

These tags are read-only as they are pulled directly from the cloud provider and therefore you cannot modify or rename them from within the Intruder portal. If you make any changes to these tags on your cloud platform, these will be reflected on Intruder on the next CloudBot sync.

Using your tags

Just use the drop-down to select the tag(s) that you would like to see reflected on the dashboard:

On the Reports page you can filter by tag or target, and test time – downloading either a PDF or CSV report.

Limit user visibility

You can set the permissions when adding the user for the first time, or by clicking ... and hitting Change role'

(For those on Premium / Vanguard you can also Restrict access to specific tags):

Managing tags

To manage tags, head to Targets > Tags

Clicking on the pencil (edit) button, will allow you to edit the tag name, the targets it's assigned to and the users that have access to it.


Can I export my targets and their tags?

It's not possible to download targets and their tags via the portal just yet, but you can do this via our API.

Can I bulk assign a tag?

Yes, absolutely. If it's an existing tag, just click 'Edit' and under Targets, start adding.

Can I bulk assign a tag to just my internal targets?

Absolutely. Just head to your Targets page > filter by Internal > select all > hit the Tag button and assign the desired tag or create a new one:

Can I tag all targets in a specific cloud account?

Absolutely, just follow the steps above. Select the cloud account you're interested in > select all > hit the Tag button.

What happens if I delete the tag used for a scheduled scan?

We'll let you know (and just to reiterate, deleting the tag will remove the scheduled scan).

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