If you're worried about our scanning bringing a system offline, or causing heavy traffic to a production system, rest assured that we have never once caused a problem with a customer's systems. Intruder's scanning engine is configured to be safe to use, even when scanning production systems

Intruder's scanning engines are non-intrusive. This means that our checks are designed to confirm vulnerabilities in ways which cause no downtime, and do not cause unintentional damage, and don't send huge amounts of traffic to systems in order to confirm vulnerabilities.

Certain types of denial of service (DoS) vulnerabilities, including distributed attacks (DDoS) are not part of Intruder's vulnerability scanning offering. Checking for denial of service (DoS) vulnerabilities often involves sending large amounts of traffic to systems, and so Intruder does not perform these types of checks.

If you ever need to pause or cancel a scan, just use the control panel at the top of the dashboard:

If you have any further questions around how Intruder's scans might affect your systems, please contact us in the in-app chat box.

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