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Quality Reporting & Compliance
Quality Reporting & Compliance
Intruder's high quality reports are perfect to pass onto prospective customers, or to be used as part of a compliance audit.
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At Intruder, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest calibre security services on the market. With this aim in mind, the Intruder platform produces high quality reports which are easy to read, and easy on the eye. We know that security reports aren't just read by security professionals and highly technical developers - you'll likely be passing these onto prospective customers or auditors too. We like to think we're amongst industry leaders in this respect, but it's best that you judge for yourselves!

It's common for larger organisations that are exploring your products or services for the first time, to ask for your latest penetration testing report. Intruder's reports have been designed with this in mind, so you can prove that you have effective security processes in place, and that your hard work to fix your weaknesses is paying off. Our reports also include a summary of the checks we've carried out on your behalf, so the reader can clearly see what kind of security testing is in place. 

Intruder reports can also be used to prove that you perform regular vulnerability scanning and/or penetration testing, as part of a security audit. It also helps to pass some notable security compliance certifications and standards (e.g. ISO 27001/27002, SOC 2 and Cyber Essentials), to evidence that vulnerability scanning and penetration testing processes are in place. 

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