How are licenses assigned?

Assuming you have licenses available, one is assigned to each active target as soon as you kick off a scan.

Once 30 days have elapsed, the license is released and becomes available for use on another target. (Deleting the target or cancelling the scan does not release the license). With the Pro Plan, you can re-scan the same target(s) as many times as you like without using any additional licenses – it just resets the 30 days.

How do I know how many licenses I have?

To check how many license you have just click on the targets page, scroll across to the last icon and hover over it:

If you click on that icon, you can review which targets are consuming licenses and when they're due for release.

How many licenses do I need to scan a target internally and externally?

You would need two. The reason for this is because they scan from different perspectives: The external scan reveals what is directly accessible from the internet right now – this could be web-layer security problems; infrastructure weaknesses or security misconfigurations. Whereas, the internal scan is useful for viewing the device from the perspective of an attacker who has bypassed perimeter defences (perhaps in the form of an email), and is able to exploit internal configuration weaknesses; missing patches and encryption weaknesses.

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