How does it work?

When signing up for the Intruder service, you're asked to choose how many targets you'd like to scan. The majority of the cost is the base subscription fee, but there is a small additional fee per target, depending which plan you're on (the "per-target fee"). However many of these you select, that is how many licenses you have on our platform.

Each time you scan a particular target, that target will use one of your licenses for the next 30 days. You can re-scan that target as many times as you want without using any additional licenses, but each scan will reset the license usage to 30 days in the future. If after 30 days that target has not been scanned again (usually because you've removed it from the platform), that license will become free to use on another target. 

To see an overview of which targets are consuming licenses (and when these licenses will be released), click on the pie chart icon on the targets page:

You won't be able to scan new targets if all of your licenses are in use, but you will be able to add more licenses to your subscription at any time, either by updating your monthly subscription in-app on the billing page, or by contacting your sales representative.

So should I enter hostnames or IPs?

Many customers want to know if they have a domain name and an underlying IP, which one to enter. Each target entered will consume a license, so in general you should always put the least amount in to cover all bases. However, as with anything to do with technology, this can get complicated fast. 

Some of the examples in this help article might help:

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