We often get asked if our proactive, simple vulnerability scanning solution can also monitor and protect devices in internal networks and the answer to that is a resounding: yes!

It’s important to consider vulnerabilities in your internal systems, especially given how easy it is for some hackers to bypass perimeter defences using nothing more than an email. Even those companies with robust defences can still fall foul of exploitable (zero-day) vulnerabilities in their platform, which is why we’re excited to offer internal vulnerability scanning with our Pro and Verified plans.

Since we’re not in the market of re-inventing wheels we chose to use an enterprise-grade scanning engine that boasts 10,000 of checks going back decades. But it’s not just the volume or age of checks that’s important, it’s the accuracy, criticality and coverage too. Here at Intruder we’ve considered all of that.

How does it work?

Our internal scanning is 'agent-based' (we believe this approach is superior to the traditional network-based approach) and requires you to install an agent (a piece of software that scans your device for weaknesses and reports them back to our portal) onto each machine you want to protect.

How do I install the agent?

There are two options available:

  • The set-up wizard which automatically generates the command for you

  • Manual steps for those that prefer this method

Set-up wizard

1. Click on the targets page and select 'Add Internal Targets'

2. Select from the following drop down menus:

👉 Operating System

👉 Operating system version

👉 Your device name

➡️ 'Generate instructions':

3. Continue with the on screen instructions as shown below

👉 Download the agent (but don't launch the installer)

👉 Install, configure and link using the command generated

👉 Reboot your machine

4. Wait a couple of minutes for the internal system to show on your targets page.

Manual installation

The instructions for manual installation can be found in the articles below:

Having trouble with the installation?

If you're having issues with the installation, we recommend having a read of the troubleshooting article first and then contacting the team who will be more than happy to help.

Note: Internal vulnerability scanning is available to anyone on the Pro or Verified plan.

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