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Internal vulnerability scanning
Internal Vulnerability Scanning
Internal Vulnerability Scanning

What about your internal systems; are they covered?

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It’s important to consider vulnerabilities in your internal systems, especially given how easy it is for some hackers to bypass perimeter defences using nothing more than an email. Even those companies with robust defences can still fall foul of exploitable (zero-day) vulnerabilities in their platform.

Since we’re not in the market of re-inventing wheels we chose to use an enterprise-grade scanning engine that performs over 100,000+ checks going back decades; but it’s not just the volume of checks, or the age that’s important, it’s the accuracy, criticality and coverage too.

How does it work?

Our internal scanning is 'agent-based' (we believe this approach is superior to the traditional network-based approach) and requires you to install an agent (a piece of software that scans your device for weaknesses and reports them back to our portal) onto each machine you want to protect.

What internal targets do you support?

We only cover machines that support Windows, Linux or MacOS.

How do I install the agent?

There are two options available:

Where can I find a list of all the internal checks?

You can find them on our checks page. Simply head to Dashboard > Checks > filter by internal checks and you'll see them all listed below.

How do I know when it was last scanned?

You can find this information in two places:

The Licenses page

The target's detail page

'Last scan' refers to the last time the target was successfully scanned. (ie. The target was responsive and we were able to scan it for vulnerabilities.)

License type, tells you what type of license its consuming and when the license is due for release – which will be 30 days after you last kicked off a scan, regardless of whether the target was responsive or not.

Having trouble with the installation?

If you're having issues with the installation, we recommend having a read of the troubleshooting article first and then contacting the team who will be more than happy to help.

Note: Internal vulnerability scanning is available to anyone on the Pro, Premium and Vanguard plan.

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