By default, the tool schedules a scan to run at midnight (your local timezone) on the day you sign-up, and every 30 days thereafter. Though you do have the option to edit or delete this scan if you want to coordinate your own date and time.

All users can initiate scans-on-demand, but those with a Pro or Vanguard subscription have the added ability to schedule unlimited scans in advance (either as a one-off, or to recur on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis).

Schedule a new scan

Click on the Scans page and select 'Schedule Scan':

From here, you'll want to populate all the fields (as explained below):

  • Select your tag(s) or target(s) from the dropdown.
    Please note that if you don't select anything, it will scan all active targets at the time the scan runs.

  • Choose a date and time for the scan to start.

  • Choose whether this is a one-off or recurring scan.

    • Weekly – Monday thru Sunday

    • Monthly – 1st to 31st
      Same date each month (unless the date isn't applicable)
      Scans scheduled for the 29th, 30th or 31st – will fall to the last date in the month. eg. February 28th

    • Quarterly – 1st to 31st
      Same date every three months thereafter.

  • Add a scan name so you can identify it easily on the scans page.

When you're done, click 'Create Scan'.

Edit a scheduled scan

Open the Scans page, find the relevant scan and click the Edit button:

From here, you can amend targets/tags; the date; time; frequency and name of the scan. Once that's complete, just hit 'Update scan' and the changes will be applied:

Delete a scan

To delete a scan that hasn't run yet, head to the Scans page, find the relevant scan and click the Delete button:

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