We run monthly scheduled scans for all Intruder customers looking for the types of weaknesses that hackers could exploit. Your first scan is usually the day after you begin your subscription, and starts at midnight UTC timezone. If you're on a Pro or Verified plan, you can edit your scheduled scan day and time to whatever suits you best or create multiple scheduled scans on specific targets.

To schedule a new scan click on this icon (from the top of the dashboard or the scans page):

You now see the following popup:

  • Select one or many tags and targets from the dropdown. Please note that if you don't select anything, it will scan all active targets that you have in the Intruder portal at the time the scan runs.
  • Choose a date and time for the scan to start.
  • Choose whether this is one-off scan (i.e. it'll run once and then won't repeat) or whether it's a repeating scan.
    If you choose to make the scan repeat monthly, it will run first at the date and time specified and then repeat on that day of the every month. Note that if you create a repeating scan that starts on a day that is greater than 28 - e.g. 31st - it will run on the last day of the month in months that have less than 31 days.
  • Add a scan name so you can identify it easily on the scans page.

When you're done, click Create Scan.

You can edit the scan details by clicking this button:

To delete a scan that hasn't run yet, click this button:

Once a scan has run once, you can no longer delete it. But if you want to prevent a repeating scan from continue running in the future, click this button:

Please note: Advanced scan scheduling is only available on our Pro and Verified plans.

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