Adding licenses

Perhaps you've received an email saying that we weren't able to scan all of your targets due to a license shortage, or maybe you can see this icon on your targets page:

either way, we'll help you increase your license count and answer any other questions you might have about it.

Paying via card

Head to Billing:

Select 'Manage Licenses'

Increase your license count accordingly and hit 'Purchase':

...and you're done. Happy scanning!

Paying via invoice

Just open the chatbot to the bottom right and ask to speak with a member of Customer Success. Alternatively, you can email the team via: [email protected]

How long until my licenses show up?

Your licenses will show up immediately. To check, just head to the targets page and click Licenses:

When will the status of my target update?

The targets will display their status as it was during the last scan, so if any of your targets are still showing as 'license exceeded' – don't worry – as soon as you run a new scan this will update.

What will I be charged?

Any changes will be billed on a prorate basis, so you'll be charged immediately for the difference in license count for the remainder of the current month (as shown in 'Amount you'll be charged today'). It will also show how much your next monthly payment will be.

How do I reduce the number of licenses?

Before reducing your license count, you do have to wait until the consumption period has expired. Once it has, you can lower the number via this page:

Worth considering

If you don't want to delete a target, be mindful that any scan will reset the consumption period – be it an ETS or inadvertent on all targets – and this will prevent you from being able to lower the number.

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