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Why is my internal system showing as unresponsive?
Why is my internal system showing as unresponsive?
Is your 'active' internal system showing as unresponsive and you can't work out why? Perhaps this article will help.
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So your agent status command has proven that the agent installation was (seemingly) a success?

Running: Yes
Linked to:
Link status: Connected to

But your internal system is still showing as unresponsive? Not to worry, there's a handful of reasons why this might be happening and hopefully this article will help you identify which one applies to you.

  1. The machine is switched off
    It would be worth rebooting the machine and running the scan again

  2. There is a problem with the network connection
    Have you checked that the internet is working and there aren't any 'power management' settings enabled anywhere? To test this, open your browser and type:

  3. The agent is not installed correctly

    At this point it's probably worth starting over:

    1. Uninstall the agent, following the steps in the relevant OS guide (including any appended notes).

    2. Reboot the system.

    3. Re-add the internal system, following the steps in our installation articles.

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