Why does this happen?

Whenever you start an Intruder scan, the first step for our scanners is to run a Smart Recon scan to discover which of the targets in the scan are responsive, and which aren't. If none of the target systems in the scan respond to our probes or ping (ICMP) then the scan will finish, since there's nothing exposed which can be scanned for vulnerabilities. 

The most common reasons for this to occur are:

  • The scanner is being blocked by your firewall, IPS or WAF. Please see our article on whitelisting/allowlisting, with details on how you can resolve this. 

  • The targets in the scan do not expose any ports or services to the internet, and they also do not respond to ping

What should I do if this is not what I expected?

If you don't think either of the scenarios above apply to you, please contact us via the chat bubble to let us know which targets you expect to be responsive and the ports/services you expect to be exposed and responding to discovery probes.

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