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Customise your Intruder notifications
Customise your Intruder notifications

How to change your Email notifications and select what messages are sent to Slack and Teams

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Email Notifications

Email notifications are specific to your user account – each user can determine what activity they hear about and how frequently. To set yours, simply head to Settings > Email notifications and adjust accordingly.

The changes you make on this page only apply to you, not other users on your account.

Slack & Teams Notifications

To customise which messages are sent to Slack and Teams (if you are on the Pro, Premium or Vanguard plans and have these integrations enabled), go to the Integrations Page > click the Settings Icon next to the integration you wish to modify the settings for:

You can then modify the specific types of notifications you wish to receive using by clicking the Settings button which will present these modals:

The changes you make on this page will affect your organisation's Slack/Team integration.

Portal Notifications

You'll also find some notifications in the lower right corner of the portal and can be seen by hovering over the Notifications button:

Here you'll find important information about your targets, recent scans, and integrations.

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