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Benefit from a little extra help from our security team in the form of Advisories.

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Advisories are available to Vanguard users, or Premium users who have opted for one of the bolt-ons.

What is an advisory?

Advisories are issues discovered and investigated by the security team, falling into one of the following categories:

How do they work?

In the event that a member of the security team detects an issue, it will be published in the portal for your review.

Once you have remediated, you can then hit the retest button, which will alert the security team of the request; once the issue has been reviewed the advisory will be updated accordingly.

Where can I find my advisories?

Newly discovered advisories can be found at the top of your Issues page. Clicking onto one will open up the issue description:

You can also view more details bly clicking on See Evidence which will show you the evidence from the Security Team:

If you would like to view the Remediation Advice from the Security Team then you can do this by clicking the Remediation tab next to the Description tab:

If you have one of our issue tracking/management integrations added to Intruder (e.g. Jira/ServiceNow), you can also send the advisory to these systems by clicking the Send To > [Platform Name] button.

Once you have remediated the issue and requested a retest (as described above), the Security Team will re-check your target(s) for this issue and, if the issue is fixed, then the advisory will be moved to the Fixed tab.

How am I notified of an advisory?

There are several mediums by which we'll communicate the status of an advisory.


When a new advisory has been detected (along with a status update of other advisories), you'll receive an email from [email protected]. It'll look something like this:

When we have run a retest and confirmed an advisory has been remediated, but there are still advisories outstanding, the email will look something like this:

When we have run a retest, but the advisory remains an open issue:

Targets page

Targets with an advisory will have a badge next to them on the Targets page

Activity feed

It will also appear in your activity feed on the dashboard, as shown below:

Notifications tab

All advisory related communication will appears in your notifications tab (found in the bottom left of your screen:

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