To add the Intruder Slack app to your Slack workspace, log into the Intruder portal, head to the settings page and select Slack & Teams Notifications.

Select the Slack tab and click on the "Add to Slack" button:

This will take you to your Slack workspace where you'll be asked which channel you want the Intruder notifications to go to (choose an existing channel or create a dedicated one - up to you).

Select a channel and you're done! 🎉

We'll send you a slack notification when important events happen in the Intruder portal, such as when a scan completes or when we check you for the latest emerging threats.

You can also customise which notifications you want to receive in Slack by using the toggle buttons:

For example, this is what the notification looks like in Slack when we've completed a scan:

Note: Slack integration is currently only available for customers on our Pro and Vanguard plans.

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