When it comes to removing your internal systems from Intruder's coverage, there are three steps you need to take, to ensure that the target is properly deleted and the license released.

1. Delete the internal target

To do this, head to the Targets page, check the box next to the target in question and hit the 'Delete' button at the top.

2. Unlink the agent

Navigate to the location where the agent was installed, and run the appropriate 'unlink' command, as shown below:

Windows (Run as Administrator)
* Assuming that the agent is installed in the default location

"C:\Program Files\Tenable\Nessus Agent\nessuscli.exe" agent unlink


sudo /opt/nessus_agent/sbin/nessuscli agent unlink


sudo /Library/NessusAgent/run/sbin/nessuscli agent unlink

After the agent is unlinked, Intruder will automatically remove the internal system from your targets list. This process can take up to 5 minutes. The license for the internal target will be released 30 days from the last time it was scanned.

(If unlinking the agent is not possible – you have deleted a virtual machine without unlinking the agent for example – please get in touch using the chat 👉 and we'll manually unlink the agents for you.)

3. Uninstall the agent

Follow the steps in the relevant OS guide to uninstall the agent (including any appended notes). Once you've done that reboot the system.

Restoring an internal system

If you want to restore the same internal targets again at a later date, we have just the article for that!

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