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Permission controls

Assign a role and tags for granular management of users

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When adding a new team member, you can assign them a role and tags to help manage access and visibility. (The tags should correspond with the exact targets you want the user to manage/monitor).

What roles are available?

For users of the Pro, Premium and Vanguard plans you can choose between 'Admin', 'Scan user' and 'Read only'. (Tag-restrictions are only applicable to scan and read-only users). For a detailed breakdown of what each role can do, head to this article.

How do I assign tags to targets?

It's easy, but head to this article to see how it's done.

How do I assign tags to a new user?

When adding a new user to the account; head to Settings > Team > 'Add user':

Once you've added their name and email address, chose the role, set the permissions (the tag assigned to targets you want them to be able to see) and hit "Add user".

How do I assign tags to an existing user?

Head to Settings > Team > hit Edit:

Ensure the user is either a scan user or read-only, then under permissions select Restrict access to specific tags, select the tags and press Save:

Can I manage a user's visibility from the tags page?

If you're an admin, absolutely!

Simply head to Targets > Tags > Users (and edit accordingly) > hit Save changes:

What does restricted visibility look like?

  • All pages will appear pretty much the same, just restricted to the targets that a user has permission to view.

  • The only notable difference is the dashboard, which doesn't include the activity feed for restricted users:

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