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What is it?

A vulnerability scan triggered on external targets when we discover a new service during the daily Network scan.

How does it work?

Given that network scans are run per-target, rather than trigger single-target vulnerability scans, we wait for two hours and scan them all at once, updating you via email as soon as the scan has completed.

What is the benefit of a 'new service' scan?

By automating these scans to run automatically when detecting a network change we're increasing your coverage and ensuring that you're alerted as soon as possible, of any potential problems this new service may have created.

How can I track these scans?

As with all vulnerability scans, we'll display them in several places in the portal.

The activity feed

The scans page


You can manage your email notifications from here.

Slack / Teams (if enabled)

You can manage these notifications from the relevant section of the Integrations page.

Where can I view the results of these scans?

Since these scans behave like any other vulnerability scan, you'll see them reflected in all the usual places: issues page; scan's detail page (shown below); target's detail page; and the dashboard.

Do they consume licenses?

If the target is unlicensed and you have licenses available it will consume one; if a license is already assigned, it will simply reset the 30 day consumption period.

Can I disable them?

Yes, absolutely. You can disable them from Settings > Scans by just toggling the slider to off:

This feature is available to Premium and Vanguard users only

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