We didn't start Intruder to re-invent the wheel; there were already tons of vulnerability scanners out there with lots in common. In fact, when it comes down to the actual checks they perform, there isn't a huge difference between them, especially at the top end of the spectrum.

That said, we wanted to do things a little differently here, which is why we opted for three different scanners:

Our Essential Plan is powered by OpenVAS – the world's most popular open-source scanning engine used globally by both the public and private sector. This is the perfect solution for small companies with a limited internet-footprint and heavy reliance on open-source software.

Pro and Vanguard Plans on the other hand are built upon Tenable Nessus – a commercial-grade scanning engine, used by large organisations and international Government bodies. This solution caters to those that with a vast number of systems exposed to the internet; but it doesn’t stop at just the external perimeter, it covers internal systems and lots of enterprise software too.

In addition to the engines outlined above, users also have the option to add a leading open-source web-app scanning engine to their armoury. This tool is used to scan the authenticated layers of a web-app and can be bolted onto any existing subscriptions. To read more about authenticated web-app scanning, please head to our Help Centre.

For anyone unsure as to which plan would suit them best, why not reach out and set up a time to chat? A quick call can help us assess your needs and suggest a solution that would work best for you.

See and search all checks

If you've signed up for a free trial or you're currently a customer and your first assessment has been completed, you can access and search the full list of internal and internal checks we perform, as well as view the scanning engine, the CVSS Rating and the associated CVE.

For Essential customers, this list will include only External checks as Internal scanning is only available on our Pro/Vanguard plans.

Each check will have a different logo against it depending on the originating Scanning Engine. The icon for each engine is shown below.

For those on the Essential plan, OpenVAS checks are shown like this:

If you are on our Pro or Vanguard plans, this list also includes the checks performed on Internal Targets in addition to the external checks.

Tenable Internal (Nessus):

Tenable External:

OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (OWASP ZAP) for Authenticated Scans:

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