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Vanta integration

Send scan reports directly to the #vulnerability-scan section of Vanta – streamlining and simplifying your compliance process.

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Please note, to enable the integration, you must be:

  • An admin user in the Intruder portal

  • An admin user in Vanta

⚠️ We only support uploading evidence for a vulnerability-scan in Vanta.

Adding the integration

  1. Head to the Integrations page > navigate to Vanta > click Add

  2. Click Log in to Vanta:

  3. If you're already logged into Vanta, you'll be presented with this 'Authorize app' modal (if not, you'll be asked to sign in via your preferred method) > Click Allow:

    User-uploaded Image

  4. Once you see this modal, click Complete setup:

That's it, you're done! 🎉

Managing your integration

Head to the Integrations page > navigate to Vanta > Click Settings

In this modal you can:

  • Check the deadline for your next submission

  • View the scans you wish to send to Vanta

  • Remove the integration

Manually send reports to Vanta

  1. There are two places where you can upload reports.

    Scans overview page
    Choose the scan you wish to use as evidence > click the ellipsis icon (...) > Send to Vanta:

    Scan's detail page (top right)
    Simply hit Send to Vanta:

  2. You'll then see these two modals:

  3. At this point, your evidence will have been uploaded to Vanta.

    To locate it, simply login to Vanta > Search 'Vulnerability scan' > click 'Vulnerability scan':

  4. On the next page, you'll be able to see what was uploaded:

Automatically send reports to Vanta

Existing scans (must be a recurring scan)

  1. Head to the Scans page > Navigate to Scheduled scans on the right-hand side> Select the ellipsis of the scan you wish to automate for compliance > Press Edit:

  2. Assuming you're happy with the repetition frequency (daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly), you can just toggle Auto send to Vanta > Update scan :

  3. The scheduled scan will now show 'Send to Vanta':

New scans

  1. Head to the scans page > click + Schedule scan:

    1. Choose the targets you wish to scan

    2. The date you'd like the first scan to run

    3. The time you'd like it to run

    4. Preferred repetition frequency: daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. (One-off scans cannot be automatically sent to Vanta, though they can be sent manually).

    5. Toggle Auto send to Vanta

    6. Give the scan a name

    7. Hit Schedule scan

  2. The scheduled scan will now show 'Send to Vanta':

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