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Everything you need to know about your targets

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You can access a target's detail page from anywhere you see the hyperlinked target, including:

Depending on the type of target you click, you may see a slight variation of the target's detail page, though all will include:

  • Target name

  • Tags (if you want to add any)

  • Notes (if you want to add any)

  • Last scan (date and name of last scan)

  • License type assigned (and release date)

  • Issues found

  • Activity feed (showing completed scans, issues found, etc.)

Internal target

External target

This type of target will also include:

  • Location of the target (this is based on Geo-IP so CDNs (especially Cloudfront) can sometimes cause some inaccuracies with this)

  • Last network scan (below this also shows the next scheduled network scan date)

  • Services (this shows the running services found, when these were first found and when they were most recently found)

  • If using an Application license - Authentications added (here you can edit and disable/enable these by clicking on ...)

  • If using an application license - API schemas uploaded (here you can edit these by clicking on ... and + Add authentication)

Cloud target

In addition to the above, for cloud targets we also flag:

  • Account name (the name of and provider of of the cloud account connected to this target)

  • Instance ID (the ID of the target you can see in your cloud account)

  • Instance name (the human readable name for the target)

  • Region (this is based on the hosting region of your cloud target)

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