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Keep your development team in the loop by creating ServiceNow incidents for any new security weaknesses

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ServiceNow is a popular workflow management tool used worldwide for centralised IT Service Management. Our platform allows IT Teams to have easy visibility of the vulnerabilities that need patching and keep their colleagues updated on the steps they are taking to remediate these issues.

Create an account for Intruder

Click add 'New'

Under User ID, type Intruder; then enter a password and make sure that you check 'web service access only'

You'll then be sent back to the first page, where you'll search for 'Intruder'

Scroll down the page and click on 'Roles', then select 'Edit'

Assign Role sn_incident_write and hit 'Save'

🚨 Intruder will create incidents that contain the following fields: Short description, Description, Urgency, and Impact. Please ensure that there are no other mandatory fields on the "incidents" table or the integration will fail.

Connect your ServiceNow instance to Intruder

To connect the Intruder portal to your ServiceNow account, simply:

  1. Head to the Integrations Page in the Intruder portal and press the green Add button on the ServiceNow tab

  2. Enter the URL of your ServiceNow instance, your username and password. Then click connect and you're done! πŸŽ‰

Exporting issues to ServiceNow

Automatically export

Our integration can automatically export all new security weaknesses to ServiceNow as soon as we discover them. This ensures that your dev team is always in the loop and notified of any new security problems as soon as they arise.

To activate automatic export, toggle the check box. By default, we'll only export any new issues that are at least medium severity but you can adjust that using the drop-down menu.

Manually export issues to ServiceNow

To do that, go to the Issues page and click the ServiceNow icon.

Viewing an issue

In ServiceNow

Search for Incidents in the ServiceNow filter navigator (ensure there are no pre-selected filters blocking your incident results).

In Intruder

To view Intruder's issue description and remediation advice, click on the incident and go to Additional actions > Configure > Form design

Add the description field by dragging from left to right and save your changes.

Of course, if you have any further questions or queries please don't hesitate to reach out via the chatbot to the right of this screen.

Note: ServiceNow integration is only available for customers on our Pro, Premium and Vanguard plans.

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