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Track how effective you are at remediating issues

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Discovering issues is what Intruder does best, but how long it takes for them to be remediated is down to your team. Courtesy of Intruder's Cyber Hygiene Score you can keep track of how long it takes for your team to fix issues and how their efforts stack up against the industry benchmark.

What does the Cyber Hygiene Score consist of?

Split into three parts from left to right, the Cyber Hygiene Score's aim is to give you a current snapshot of your cyber hygiene; time taken to fix issues over a period of six months; and the average time to fix issues overall.

Current snapshot

Here you'll find a grade relating to your current score. This grade is determined by the time it's taken you to remediate issues, which is benchmarked against the below goals:

  • Critical - 7 days

  • High - 30 days

  • Medium - 60 days

  • Low - 120 days

Miss one of these targets; you'll find yourself getting an F, C, B, or A respectively. Or if you're fixing your issues within the above timeframes - you'll get an A+!

Found yourself with an undesirable score? Be sure to resolve any overdue issues and it will improve.

Time to Fix Issues

Here you'll see your performance over a period of six months. Find out what your 'time to fix' has been for each type of issue, along with a bar chart broken down into individual months.

Average Time to Fix Issues

Here you'll see the six-month average it has taken you to remediate issues, along with the percentage by which you were within the target (under or over).

Do snoozed issues count towards my cyber hygiene score?

No, they don't. Snoozed issues / occurrences are removed from the portal dashboard (including from the cyber hygiene score).

If you have any questions or feedback for us please don't hesitate to drop us a note via the chatbot below.

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