This article describes how to manually install the agent on a Linux device. If you wish to individually install the agent on your devices, you can use the installation wizard inside the platform.


For each agent that you install, you must have a license available; if you don't, the machine(s) won't show up on your targets page.

πŸ‘‰ If you're installing the agent on 10 machines, you must have 10 licenses available.

Step 1: Download the agent installer

  • Search for the relevant .dmg installer file (i.e. NessusAgent-X.X.X.dmg) and download it.

Step 2: Install the agent

Double-click on the .dmg file and then double-click the "Install Nessus Agent.pkg" installer.

Step 3: Configure your linking command

  • Open the Targets page > Add Targets > Internal targets

  • Click 'View configuration keys'

  • Copy the 'Prefix' and 'Key'

  • Assemble your name. It's comprised of:

    • Your Prefix (unique identifier of your account)

    • and your DeviceName (what you'd like the target to be named in the portal).

    e.g. DQEGBQUAAAc_paul-laptop

  • Populate the command below with your Prefix and DeviceName

sudo /Library/NessusAgent/run/sbin/nessuscli agent link --name=[Prefix_DeviceName] --cloud --key=819652a91d674e8d5be08e21299f1a3c69bd9806c72e24bc05df6b32b8db7fe1

  • Your DeviceName can also be populated automatically using the hostname of the computer by using the following command:

sudo /Library/NessusAgent/run/sbin/nessuscli agent link --name=[Prefix]_$(hostname -s) --cloud --key=819652a91d674e8d5be08e21299f1a3c69bd9806c72e24bc05df6b32b8db7fe1

Step 4: Link the agent to Intruder

  • Open the Terminal app

  • Run the linking command you created above

  • If you see a prompt for a password, enter your computer's password and hit return. (Don't worry that you can't see any of the characters that you're typing – this is normal).

  • When the linking command has run successfully, you'll see this πŸ‘‡ :

  • It'll take between 5-10 minutes for the system to show on your targets page and voila. (...assuming you have licenses available that is).

If you have any trouble, please click the button below:

Note: Internal vulnerability scanning is only available to Pro, Premium and Vanguard customers.

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