This article describes how to manually install the agent on a macOS device (we also have installation guides for Windows and Linux):

Step 1: Download the agent installer

  • Search for the relevant .dmg installer file (i.e. NessusAgent-X.X.X.dmg) and download it.

Step 2: Install the agent

Double-click on the .dmg file and then double-click the "Install Nessus Agent.pkg" installer.

Open the Targets page > Add Targets > Internal targets

Click 'View configuration keys'

Copy the 'Prefix'

Your DeviceName is comprised of your Prefix 👆 and your TargetName
(what you'd like the target to be named in the portal).

DeviceName = Prefix_TargetName (eg. DQEGBQUAAAc_paul-laptop).

Once you have the above information ready:

  • Open the Terminal app

  • Run the following command, making sure to update:

    • DeviceName (see above)

    • Key (see above)

sudo /Library/NessusAgent/run/sbin/nessuscli agent link --name=DeviceName --cloud --key=Key
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