Intruder's scanning engines are designed to be as non-intrusive as possible. But if you do ever need to stop a scan, we've got you covered! 👍

You may notice that you have two scans listed on the Scans page, even though you only kicked-off one; that's because whenever you launch a vulnerability scan, a Network scan starts automatically.

How do I cancel?

To cancel both the Vulnerability and Network scan head to the Scans page and click the 'x' as shown below:

Can I cancel just the Network scan?

No, it's not possible to cancel just the Network scan, you would have to cancel both as outlined above. If you don't want to run a Network scan, you do have the option to disable them.

Why can't I see a cancel button?

If you can't see the cancel button, it means that the vulnerability scan has finished, but the Network scan is still in progress. At this point it isn't possible for you to cancel the scan, so it may be worth waiting until it's finished. If you need to cancel the Network scan, just reach out via the chatbot and we can look into it for you.

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