To connect the Intruder portal to your Atlassian Jira account, head to the settings page and select integrations.

Enter the Site URL or your Jira instance, and a username and API key (see instructions on how to create an API key here or you can also use the account password). Please note the account needs to have permissions to create issues in your project.

Once you're connected, select the project you want us to export to and what the issue type should be (if you create a custom issue type in Jira - like security issue - you'll be able to select that from the dropdown). By default, we'll export any new issues that are at least medium severity but you can use the slider to adjust that.

Note: If you're using the Jira on-premise solution, we recommend you firewall it off from the Internet but allow inbound traffic from the Intruder portal ( or in order for the exports to work.

Note: Jira integration is currently only available for customers on our Pro and Verified plans.

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