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Cloudflare integration
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Getting set up

  1. Head to the Targets page > Click Add target > Click Cloud asset sync:

2. Select Cloudflare:

3. Click Create API token:

4. Log into your Cloudflare account:

5. Once on this page, you'll notice that the Permissions and Zone Resources are pre-populated. We recommend you leave Client IP Address Filtering empty > (optional: set the start / end date) > Hit Continue to Summary:

6. Select Create Token:

7. Once this page loads, copy the API token (please note this will only show once, so might be worth storing somewhere secure too!)

8. Head back to Intruder and paste your API token in the relevant section > Click Add asset:

9. Select from the automated option and hit Confirm setup:

10. On the modal, simply hit Go to account:

11. Select Continue:

12. Et voila! If you selected Automatically sync new targets, you'll see them pop up on your assets detail page:

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