Vulnerability scanners are automated by nature and are able to discover a wide range of genuine security issues without manual intervention. However, automated scanners aren't yet able to report on genuine security issues with 100% confidence, and false positives sometimes end up slipping through into scan results. Intruder's Verified service solves this issue by adding a human-driven analysis & verification step, run by our expert penetration testers.

The Intruder Verified service offers hybrid penetration testing, where vulnerability scan results are reviewed by certified professionals that curate your results to remove false positive results. On top of this, our testers will perform further analysis on some of your security issues, and write custom descriptions which explain the extent of what an attacker could do - in context of the real impact to your business.

This additional service will save you time by allowing you to focus on the security issues that matter. It also gives you more insight into the extent of your security issues, to give the best possible understanding of the real risks to your organisation. 

The Verified service also includes validation of bug bounty reports from security researchers. Use our penetration testing experts to validate submissions from third party security researchers or bug bounty schemes, so you can make sure that they are legitimate security issues which need to be fixed.

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