Severity levels assigned by vulnerability scanners don't always reflect the actual risk presented by security weaknesses. But with Intruder's hybrid solution and dedicated security team, Vanguard, businesses gain an additional layer on business risk and context to give it an accurate, data-driven representation of the current state.

Vanguard offers a hybrid vulnerability management solution where automated scan results are reviewed by certified professionals. Years of experience and acquired knowledge has equipped them with the ability to detect security issues that the scanner might have missed. They're also responsible for removing any 'false positives' and conducting further analysis, where necessary. Beyond this, they write custom descriptions and curate reports that explain the extent of what an attacker could do in context of the real impact to your business.

This additional service will save you time by allowing you to focus on the security issues that matter. It also gives you more insight into the extent of your security issues, to give the best possible understanding of the real risks to your organisation. 

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