It's important to get permission from AWS before adding AWS systems as targets in the Intruder platform.

The form to fill out to make this request from AWS can be found at:

Note that you'll need to log in as the AWS root account in order to access this form.

When filling out the form, you may need to fill in the following information:

  • Source IPs:,
  • Peak bandwidth (Gbps): 1 
  • Peak requests per second (RPS): 100
  • Peak queries pers econd (QPS) for DNS Zone Walking: N/A
  • Does the testing company have a NDA with AWS? No
  • Do you have a way to immediately stop the traffic? Yes, scans can be cancelled from the Intruder platform
  • Phone contact for testing team: (+44) 0207 856 0447

Once you've received a response from AWS providing you with this permission, contact us directly and let us know.

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