So you've signed up for a trial of Intruder's continuous vulnerability monitoring platform. Great!

Intruder's trial scans are initiated automatically, and they usually start within 1 working day from entering your first target. In some cases, Intruder will need to contact you on your provided number to confirm some extra information before your scan can begin.

Trial scans are usually completed within less than 1 working day, but in rare cases our scanning engines can take significantly longer. If you're concerned that your scans are long-running and would like an update, please contact us using the in-app chat box.

If you ever need to pause or cancel a scan, just use the control panel at the top of the dashboard:

If you have any other queries or requests regarding a scan which has already started, or you'd like to change the targets you entered, please let us know and we'll get things sorted for you.

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