Identifying your cloud VMs

Having trouble with identifying the cloud VMs imported by CloudBot? This article should help!

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Occasionally, CloudBot might pull through cloud instance IPs that you may not immediately recognise as you're used to seeing the more 'human readable' name assigned in your cloud provider.

Not to worry, below you'll find some examples of how you can track down and correlate these in your cloud platform(s) of choice.

Microsoft Azure

On first logging into Azure, you should see something similar to this where you may see Virtual machines listed as a service, if you do, great, just click on it:

If not, just head to the Search bar at the top of the page and type 'Virtual machines', you should then see results similar to this where you can click on Virtual machines

Following either of the above should take you to the Virtual machines dashboard, here you can find all of your Azure VMs and their corresponding Public IP address that you'll see in your Intruder portal:

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

When first logging into GCP, you should see some variation of this screen, the first step would be to click on the hamburger button in the top left hand corner:

This will open up a menu, where you'll want to go to Compute Engine > VM instances:

Clicking on VM instances will then take you to the VM instances dashboard, here you can find all of your GCP VMs and their corresponding External IP that you'll see in your Intruder portal:

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

In AWS, when you log in you'll see some variation of this page this may have a direct link to EC2s depending on how frequently you use this Service, otherwise you can click on services in the top left corner:

Clicking on Services you'll want to click Compute and then EC2:

This will take you to your EC2 Dashboard where you can click Instances from the navigation panel on the left:

That will open your EC2 instances where you can click each instance to see the Public IP address:

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