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Remediation scans

Verify the success of your remediation efforts more quickly and reduce your 'time to fix'

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What is it?

A focused scan, designed to check affected targets for a specific vulnerability – kicked off and managed by the user.

What is the benefit of a remediation scan?

You no longer need to kick off and wait for a full scan to complete before verifying if your remediation efforts were effective. Another added benefit is that it should bring down your time to fix stat:

How does it work?

Simply head to your Current Issues page > click 'Rescan'

A scan will then start on all targets that have been flagged as affected, and you'll see this scan pop up on the scans page. The name will correspond with the vulnerability you're wanting to verify is no longer present. For example:

How can I track these scans?

Activity feed

Dashboard > Activity feed:

Target details page:

Targets > Target's detail page > Activity tab:

Scans page:

Scans > Search scan type for 'Remediation scan':

Where can I view the results of these scans?

If you click any of the scans shown above, it will take you through to the scan's detail page. If you're remediation effort were successful, the page will look a little like this:

If the remediation efforts weren't successful (and the issue remains), it will look a little something like this:

How will I be notified?

We'll let you know via the usual channels:


If you've successfully remediated everything, it will look a little like this:

If you've successfully remediated some of the occurrences (but one or more remains), it will look a little like this:

If none of your remediation efforts were successful, the email will look like this:

This feature is available to Pro, Premium and Vanguard users

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