E-Mail Correspondence

Whilst registered on our platform, there are a number of different emails that you may receive including Scan Results notifications, CloudBot notifications, Emerging Threat Scan Results and more.

Example of Legitimate Correspondence

This Help Article explains how to modify your Account Notifications Settings within the portal. For example, turning email notifications on/off for various events on the Email Notifications settings page.

Payment Methods

All payments to Intruder are processed through the Billing Page in your portal or via Invoices sent by your Account Manager.

On the Billing Page, you can subscribe to a paid version if you are currently on our Free Trial. Or if you are on a paid plan, then here you can manage your subscription and modify your number of targets.

If you are paying monthly, pressing "Sign up" allows you to select your number of targets and choose your desired plan. Once you have done this, you will be prompted with a window to enter your card details, as seen below.

If you pay by Invoice, payment is taken after discussion with your Account Manager.

We do not use any other platforms to request payments. This includes PayPal, WePay, Venmo, etc. If you do receive a payment request on one of these platforms, then please send this over to [email protected] as this is likely to be illegitimate.

Example of a Fraudulent Payment Request

As we do not use PayPal, any requests sent via this platform are illegitimate. An example of a fraudulent request can be seen below.

There are a number of indicators that this is not genuine, for example:

  1. This request is being sent from an individual ('Taylor Jeremiah')

  2. The company name quoted is INTRUDER® Software LLC which does not match our Company Name (Intruder Systems Ltd)

  3. The telephone number quoted (+ 1-888-539-0462) is not a PayPal telephone number or Intruder telephone number as we do not offer Telephone Support.

    Note: DO NOT contact this telephone number as this is likely to be part of the scam

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