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Continuous network scanning
Continuous network scanning

Monitoring your perimeter for changes, so you don't have to

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How does it work?

Each target is scanned regularly so your network view is always accurate. In practice what this means is that as soon as you add a target to the portal we'll kick off the first scan. Once that scan completes, we immediately re-enqueue the target for rescanning at regular intervals.

Where can I find the results?

The results of your target's network scan can be viewed on the Network page.
(Head to this article to understand what's included).

Can I launch a Network scan?

No, you can't launch a Network scan – they run automatically on a continuous basis.

Can I disable Network scans?

Yes, you can. To do this, head to Settings > Scans and toggle 'Network Scans' to off.

Can I download a network scan report?

Network scans work slightly differently to vulnerability scans and so it's not possible to download a vulnerability report, per se. Instead, what you can do is export a copy of your Network view, which will contain data for your targets – accurate as of the last time each target was scanned. This report can be further filtered by using the filters on the left-hand side.

How many ports do you check?

We check all 65,535 TCP ports/services and 100 of the most common UDP ports (shown below):


Where can I manage notifications?

All notifications are managed in the portal, via the settings page.


You can choose the frequency of your 'network summary' emails by visiting:
Settings > Email Notifications:

In the email you'll see a summary of your network, including changes in services; the status of your TLS/SSL certificates and an overview of your active hosts and exposed services. Clicking through from this page will take you to the Network view of your portal.

Slack and Teams

Daily summaries can be enabled/disabled by visiting:
Settings > My account > Slack and team notifications and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

In Slack, those notifications will look a little like this:

In Teams, it's more like this:

NB: This feature is available to Pro, Premium and Vanguard users.

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