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Emerging threat scan notifications
Emerging threat scan notifications

What it means when you receive an "Emerging threat scan failed" email and how to see the results

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Assuming you haven’t disabled notifications, once the scan completes we’ll update you via email, Slack/Microsoft Teams and in the Intruder portal – whether it’s reassuring or cautionary, you’ll always know exactly what to do (and where to go – by clicking 'View').

Email notifications

Slack notification (passed)

Dashboard activity Feed

On your Dashboard, you will find your Activity Feed on the right hand side as outlined in this article. This will show the results of the emerging threat scan and detail the threat categories.

Portal notifications

If the lightning bolt is green, it means all included targets passed all checks for that Emerging Threat.

If the Emerging Threat Scan notification has a red lightning bolt icon it means that at least one of your targets "failed" one or more of the checks.

Emerging Treats Scans page

Just head to Scans > Emerging Threats > Filter by Failed


Clicking any of the notifications above will take you through to the scans detail page, where you'll have access to a whole host of valuable information:

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