As part of Intruder's Pro and Vanguard plans, we run Emerging Threat Scans for newly discovered vulnerabilities. When we identify a new vulnerability that could critically affect your systems, we'll start scanning your targets immediately to ensure you are not vulnerable.

If any of the checks in the Emerging Threat Scan detect that any of your targets are vulnerable, that means you have "failed" the Emerging Threat Scan and we'll notify you by email.

You'll be able to see the details of any failed checks and which targets were affected via the notifications menu in the Intruder portal. Just click on the Emerging Threat Scan notification with the red lightning bolt:

To provide a fast response time, Emerging Threat Scans are handled differently from our regular scans. As a consequence, these failures won't appear on your Issues page until the affected targets have been scanned again. To rescan your targets once you've fixed any failures, use the Scan now functionality to kick off a new scan.

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