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πŸ€– How do I enable and operate CloudBot?
πŸ€– How do I enable and operate CloudBot?
CloudBot automatically adds any new external IP addresses or hostnames in cloud accounts as Intruder targets – so you don't have to
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Activate CloudBot

You can enable it two ways:

πŸ‘‰ When you first add the cloud account:

For clarity:

Protect targets on your cloud account πŸ‘‰ Import your cloud targets into Intruder

Without any additional effort, your targets will be auto-enrolled in any scans set to run on all targets.

Run scans against your cloud tags πŸ‘‰ Import you cloud tags

Use them to organize and manage your targets, scans and portal more effectively.

Immediately scan new targets πŸ‘‰ Scan your targets on import

Automatically scan newly detected and imported cloud targets.

πŸ‘‰ Once the cloud account has already been added:

Head to Targets page > Select the cloud account > Settings > toggle Auto-add targets to on (the toggle will turn green) and hit refresh:

Manage what gets imported

Auto-add (all) targets

Automatically adds cloud targets to the Intruder portal when instances are spun up and removes them when targets are decommissioned in your cloud account.

Add targets based on a rule

Only assets that adhere to that rule will be added to the Intruder platform; this applies to

present targets as well as any future ones that we find.

⚠️ It's worth noting that enabling a rule, will remove any previously imported cloud targets that don't adhere to it.

  1. Head to the Targets page > click on the relevant cloud account > click Settings >
    + Create rule

2. Use the dropdown to select one of the options:

3. Use the second dropdown to choose the appropriate value:

As soon as it's been added you'll see the rule appear and your targets update.

Remove imported targets

Maybe you accidentally imported the wrong thing; want to exclude one or two from a valid rule, or simply don't want your licenses being assigned yet, we've got you covered.

Just select from the list and hit the Exclude button.

Manage what gets scanned

If you enable 'Auto-scan targets' any cloud assets matching your import rules will be scanned as soon as they're detected + added to the platform.

If you don't enable Auto-scan targets, your asset(s) will be scanned as soon as an 'all target' scan runs, or you kick off a manual scan with it included.

Where can I see these scans?

Any scans kicked off automatically by CloudBot will be shown on the Scans page, just filter by Cloudbot scan as shown below:

Disable CloudBot

Head to Targets page > Settings button > toggle Auto-add targets to off > confirm the change by pressing Turn off on the modal that appears.

Can I still add cloud targets if CloudBot is disabled?

Yes, absolutely! Just head to your Cloud account page and click the green plus button:

Tracking CloudBot activity

You can find updates on CloudBot activity in your Activity Feed on the dashboard. This will show you any changes that may have occurred and the date and time of these changes including when a target is deleted, created or restored.

You can also see this same activity on the target's detail page:

Note: CloudBot is only available for customers on our Pro, Premium and Vanguard plans.

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