Vulnerability management can be time consuming. That's why we offer the following integrations to help put rocket boosters under your productivity. These aren't the only integrations we have planned though. Don't see what you want here? Message us in the chat bubble, we may just be working on it right now...


Use the Intruder API to manage your targets, kick off scans and get your results - and why not integrate Intruder into your development pipeline for maximum peace of mind.

Check out the Intruder Developer Hub for more information.

Cloud Connectors

AWS, Google Cloud and Azure make it super easy to spin up as many servers as you want, all in a matter of minutes. It's so easy in fact, anyone in your engineering team could easily have a whole new server farm up and running without you even noticing...

That's why Intruder integrates with AWS to show you which Route53 DNS hostnames and Elastic IP addresses you have in your account, and where they are attached to EC2 instances.

We also connect with Google Cloud and Azure and synchronise your external IP addresses and Cloud DNS hostnames with the Intruder portal.

We monitor your cloud accounts and notify you whenever a cloud IP address or DNS hostname is released, to ensure you never scan any systems that you no longer own.

Help stay on top of your exposure - find out how to install Intruder's AWS integration, Google Cloud Platform integration and Microsoft Azure integration.

Slack & Microsoft Teams Integrations

What modern SaaS platform would be complete without integrating with everyone's favourite messaging apps? Intruder's Slack & Microsoft Teams integrations allow you to receive notifications when scheduled scans complete, whether you've passed or failed our latest Emerging Threat Scan, or when we've detected changes in your cloud infrastructure platform that affect the targets you're scanning.

So what are you waiting for - add our Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations now! :)

Jira Integration

Jira, Atlassian's hugely popular issue tracking software allows developers to collaborate on development tasks. Developers spend a lot of their time in there, so it's a good place to catch their attention when you want something like a security issue fixed.

Save yourself from having to manually import issues with Intruder's Jira integration.

Zapier Integration

Want to build advanced automation workflows in just a few clicks? Zapier helps you do just that. It's a no-code tool that allows you to extend Intruder to over 2,000 different apps and easily pass info between them.

Follow our instructions on how to connect Intruder to Zapier and start automating your workflows.

Github Integration

With our GitHub integration, you can automatically (or manually) send any issues found by Intruder to a GitHub repository for your security or engineering teams to resolve.

Make your life easier by following the instructions on how to connect Intruder to Github.

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