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Managed Service Providers - Separating Clients
Managed Service Providers - Separating Clients
This article describes how managed service providers can separate their client reports, by "Tagging" targets.
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As a managed service provider, you'll likely want to separate your clients' reports before delivering them.

To do this, on the targets page, select the targets belonging to a client by using the checkboxes.

The click the "Tag Targets" button above the targets table.

A popup window will open where you can either select an existing tag (if you've created some client tags before) or create a new client tag.

Once you're finished just hit enter and then click 'Save' to apply it to your target(s).

Download PDF or CSV reports for targets belonging to a specific client

You can now select a client from the drop-down on the Reports page and download a PDF or CSV report for targets associated with that client.

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