Attackers are constantly looking at your perimeter for ways they can get in. So why shouldn't you?

Use Network View to keep track of what you have exposed to the internet, and restrict anything that doesn't need to be there, like that old Windows 2003 box you might just have forgotten about, or that web server you span up just for a quick test a few months ago...

Introducing Network View

Network View makes it really easy to see what Systems and Services you might have exposed to the Internet. It'll show you the total number of hosts and open ports as well as a detailed breakdown of all services (including information such as software version numbers) that you have exposed to the internet.

Get notified if anything changes!

Everyone knows their environments are not static. 

Network View enables you to:

Quickly see when any ports and services are opened:

Drill down into the details of any new open ports:

Investigate any changes to existing services:

If you're using our Slack integration, we'll also inform you of any changes in Slack:

Be in control of your Network

  • Detect deployments you may not have been aware of.

  • Ensure you're not exposing any services unintentionally.

Sounds like this might be useful?

Why not check it out right now?

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