Use Network View to keep track of what you have exposed to the internet, and restrict anything that doesn't need to be there, like that old Windows 2003 box you might just have forgotten about, or that web server you span up just for a quick test a few months ago...

How does it work?

Everyone knows that environments are not static, which is why when you kick off a vulnerability scan, we also launch a Network scan to check all 65,535 ports and services. Though the scans run in tandem, they can finish at different times and the respective results are displayed in separate areas of the portal:

  • Vulnerabilities are listed on the Issues page

  • Details about ports and services are shown on the Network page

How can 'Network view' help me?

At a glance you can see how many ports are open, how many hosts are active and any expiring certificates that need your attention:

You can easily spot changes to the ports and services:

Overall, you can see what you have exposed to the internet at anytime: the hostname and the IP address it resolves to; open ports, protocols and services as well as service information, such as software version numbers:

Can I disable Network scans?

Yes, you can. To do this, head to the Scans page, hit the cog at the top and toggle 'Network scans' to off.

How do I launch a Network scan?

You can't launch just a Network scan, you have to kick off a vulnerability scan and it will run in conjunction with that.

Why is some data missing from my Network view?

If the target listed sits behind a CDN (such as Cloudflare or Cloudfront), then we deliberately omit the network data, because it actually references the CDN's infrastructure and not your own. If you'd like to know more, please have a read of this article.

Network change notifications

We also offer an integration with Slack, so you'll be made aware of changes as soon as we detect them:

Can I specify ports for scanning?

You can specify 'Default web ports only' (port 80 and 443) via the advanced scan setting when running a scan on demand, but that's it I'm afraid.

Curious to see more?

If you're interested in what this all looks like in action, either sign up for a free trial today; or, if you're already signed up to the Pro plan, head straight over to the Network page.

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